As a company, your corporate image is of prime importance and you wish to stand out or to motivate your staff. Your Concierge can help your staff to manage their time efficiently by removing the burden of some domestic tasks that otherwise would be carried out during working hours.Finding a cleaner, a plumber, a gardener or a babysitter…

In addition, we can help your employees in their professional duties.  Here are some of the services we offer.  Our only limit is your imagination!

  • Finding the best location for meetings
  • Managing your clients' or employees' bithdays
  • Finding a property to rent or buy for a new employee
  • Planning trips during the weekends
  • Coordinating and organizing corporate events
  • Planning travel: plane, helicopter, boat, limousine, taxi etc
  • Arranging a dry cleaning service
  • Transport management
  • Buying office stationery
  • Purchase of theatre or show tickets
  • Rental of sound systems

Your Concierge is your permanent partner when it comes to providing sound advice - the little extra you are missing to reach excellence.