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(PDF) Distinguishing hydration in shear zones by aqueous

Whole rock major element oxides (Na2O, MgO, Al2O3, and Fe2O3) (wt. %) versus SiO2 (wt. %) for all the 12 samples from the 4 transects

Purification of nickel and zinc from waste waters of metal-

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For instance, a layer with a thickness of 100nm at a depth of 3μm is successfully measured. Moreover, qualitative profiles of major and minor

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Rapid high-resolution U–Pb LA-Q-ICPMS age mapping of zircon

with scan speeds of 3 μm s−1 and a 10thick, foliated leucocratic layer (5 m across).with a Helex 2-volume ablation cell coupled

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(PDF) Platinum group element residence sites in Ni-Mo-Zn-PGE

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(PDF) Has the biobank bubble burst? Withstanding the

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Link between light-triggered Mg-banding and chamber formation

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« 1 2 3 4 5 » Combining Dispersed Particle Extraction with Driedpulse width (4ns) 193 nm excimer laser and the HELEX 2 volume sample